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In particular, the widespread and rapid growth of “cloud computing” – where data and applications are accessed via the Internet or virtual private networks – is having a major impact in this area. The freedom to access data at any moment from a variety of devices places a significant burden on security. It’s essential to verify the identity of authorized users without hampering cloud computing’s convenience and efficiency. And since static passwords are simply not secure enough, enterprises need a more sophisticated way of safeguarding their assets.

At the same time, the increasingly complex software used by organizations tends to have more security vulnerabilities, not fewer. So one of the significant challenges it provokes is the need for strong security controls and an audit trail of all access events.

Gemalto and Cyber-Wall provide advanced solutions for the most demanding security, identity and access management needs.

Gemalto's core offering in this market is its Protiva range of software, solutions and services. Gemalto also offers a managed hosted service and an SDK for direct integration into customer-facing


Protiva authentication and ID Management Solution

The Protiva brand represents strength and protection of identities, data and network infrastructures, and is the name used for all Gemalto security solutions for public and private organizations. Protiva products respond to the needs for strong authentication, data loss prevention, compliance to governmental security directives and the growing demand for qualified digital signature.


Protiva Defender Suite is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of police forces, first responders and national defense organizations. With a full portfolio of authentication technology, Protiva Defender Suite provides for all essential identity verification needs. This includes secure visual identity, controlled building access, and the ability to securely login to centralize computing networks. This solution has been proven in some of the most demanding security organizations in the world including the U.S. Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defense, and multiple police forces around the world.


Gemalto's Protiva Trade Connect is an end-to-end strong authentication solution designed especially for the trading floor environment, allowing for multiple-workstation logon. Traders simply logon to the primary computer and are instantly logged on to all workstations in their assigned area. No need to login multiple times to each terminal. With Protiva Trade Connect, the trader only has to login in once using either their username or password or for a more secure option, a certificate-based identity credential (smart card).


Gemalto's Protiva ExecProtect is a customized portfolio of end-point security solutions for your highest risk executives. Dedicated to meeting the needs of today's busy executives, ExecProtect is a convenient technology that enables secure business operations in an ever-increasing mobile world with a whole new subset of devices and platforms in which data is accessed.


Protiva MedSecure is a complete solution offering a variety of secure devices and software that allows for easy customization of components to build a strong authentication solution that works best for the healthcare needs and most importantly keeps patient information safe and secure.


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