Log Managment Solution

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Every security appliance, business-critical system, noncritical server and endpoint in your organization generates extensive logs daily. These raw logs need to be monitored continuously, analyzed and correlated to filter out false positives in order to identify real security events of concern. This requires dedicated, skilled resources around the clock to review and interpret all the logs and alerts in all the different formats generated by your infrastructure.


o   Collecting log data to satisfy audit requirements.

o   An increasing volume of data from different sources, in different formats, complicates log management.

o   Tracking suspicious behavior, monitoring users and performing forensics.

o   Demonstrating compliance and providing information access to executive, audit and business stakeholders.


o   Investigate security threats faster; reduce risk and the attack window by searching and analyzing all your logs, audit trails and any other security relevant data across your entire IT infrastructure from one place.

o   Understand your security posture by generating comprehensive reports in seconds across all your logs, audit trails and other security relevant data.

o   Pass compliance audits with minimal effort by quickly generating standard and ad-hoc reports across all logs, audit trails and other machine data from one place.

o   Improve your Mean Time to Investigate and Resolve issues by searching and analyzing across your log files, including your application logs, audit trails and other machine data to efficiently troubleshoot problems.

o   Perform log analysis across system boundaries by centralizing all your logs and other machine data and provide the ability to rapidly search, alert and report on this data.

We use industry leading log management solutions in order to empower you have a deeper insight into your logs, hence increasing the security posture of your network.

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