Network Security Infrastructure

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Firewall & IPS

Firewall and IPS are the core security appliances at every infrastructure. Firewall solutions allow you to control traffic in and out of your network and enable you to establish secure site-to-site connections using VPN. Firewalls are the main control point in any network and they can impose & enforce corporates security policies.

At times more inspection and analysis of traffic is required to ensure the packet content are not malicious. IPS devices are usually deployed behind firewalls to further inspect the traffic and detect any malicious activities all they way to the application layer.

Our engineers are certified on various Firewall and IPS technologies from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, paloalto.


Unified Threat Management

Standalone security products are no longer effective against today’s more sophisticated, blended attacks. To have a complete, end-to-end security solution, your business needs unified security architecture. Cyber-Wall Security services focus on leveraging security features that create a Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform.

Unified threat management (UTM) is an emerging trend in the network security market. UTM appliances have evolved from traditional firewall/VPN products into a solution with many additional capabilities, including:

o   Spam blocking

o   Gateway antivirus

o   Spyware prevention

o   Intrusion prevention

o   URL/Web filtering

o   Application Control

These are functions that previously had been handled by multiple systems. UTM solutions also provide integrated management, monitoring, and logging capabilities to streamline deployment and maintenance.

By utilizing Cyber-Wall UTM Services, your organization can enforce communication policies that ensure compliance with government regulations and defined corporate policies, reduce legal liability by identifying risky language, protect confidential information from leaving the network, and cut operational costs by reducing the need for manual review and auditing.
We use products such as Fortinet, Barracuda, paloalto, and WebSense in order to deliver best in class solutions.


Malware Detection & Prevention

Malwares are a growing threat on the Internet. An ordinary user might infect your entire network by clicking on an email attachment or going to a malicious website. It is crucial to detect and prevent malwares from spreading in your network at a timely manner.

With solutions such as
FireEye we provide Web, Email, and File protection. The malware/suspicious files will be downloaded and executed in a virtual environment in order to ensure the files are not damaging prior to users installing them.

Our malware detection solution goes hand in hand with our anti-virus solution from
Symantec in order to provide you with total malware protection.



E-mail Security

Email has become the most fundamental communication mechanism for the modern enterprise; an outage can result in loss of productivity and business revenue. To respond effectively, today's mail security solution must combine highly effective anti-spam technologies with complete preemptive protection.

Today's enterprise email security threats no longer consist of just nuisance spam emails. Attackers with malicious intents are increasingly using email as an entry vector through the use of phishing messages. Historically, email phishing was focused on capturing individual account credentials, but recent email security attacks have shown that phishing attacks have a broader target in mind: corporate intellectual property and sensitive and confidential business information.

Cyber-Wall helps you ensure business continuity, improve data security against inbound and outbound email threats, and streamline email management.
Cyber-Wall offers a full breadth of services that can help your organization:

o   Strengthen security against email threats

o   Ensure business continuity by eliminating email disruption

o   Eliminate complexity of managing email archives

o   Protect email data for legal discovery

o   Provide predictable and stable operating costs



Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP)

As data proliferates, mobility increases and cloud adoption continues, enterprises lack the visibility into the location and usage of sensitive information.
Data loss prevention (DLP) poses a serious issue for companies, as the number of incidents and the cost to businesses continues to increase. Whether it is intentionally malicious or inadvertent, data loss can diminish a company's brand, reduce shareholder value, and damage the company's goodwill and reputation.

Many businesses neither monitor nor control outgoing electronic communications such as email, instant messaging, website forms, and file transfers. This creates the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

The exposure of sensitive information can result in fines, bad publicity, loss of strategic customers, loss of competitive intelligence, and legal action. Businesses should police all electronic communications to keep intellectual property, financial information, patient information, credit card data, and other sensitive information safer.

Cyber-Wall help optimize your level of control by providing both consulting services to establish your data protection strategy and implementation and integration services using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.


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